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We offer the premier international web tender platform targeting the food flavoring market and allowing the digitalisation of the industry's commercial process.
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The two faces of
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Arnaud Brigada

Following studies in Grasse on the techniques of the flavor and cosmetics industry, as well as varied international professional experience (in Asia, Mali and Spain), Arnaud decided to create Flavorbrief.com in order to give an immediate response to the current problems encountered by both players in the flavor market:
buyers and suppliers.

« I have specialised in the flavor industry for 5 years thanks to the flavor house Jean Niel. The creation of the Flavorbrief.com company responds to a need I encounter in my profession every day:
developing partnerships with industrial flavor Buyers in new markets, according to flavor expertise, HSE standards and a production tool. The creation of the platform is the result of a study carried out with industry players. »

Maxime Theil

Benefiting from 10 years' experience in dealing with raw materials for the flavor industry (mainly export), Maxime joined Arnaud at the beginning of the Flavorbrief.com project in order to contribute to the development of this new digital tool, bringing his own knowledge of the industry.

« We want to promote innovation in the food flavor sector, helping buyers to find the best products in just a few clicks according to their technical criteria. Flavorbrief.com makes this possible through a digital connection and project management platform. »